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Animated Short: Planet By Bang-Sangho

@ May 27, 2017

This planet is a medium to observe the unconscious, and South Korean graphic designer Bang-Sangho makes it himself. In the planet, everything is instinctive and free; the creation, the explosion, and the mating are occurred. The hole of hole, the room of room, and the winding lines perform the role as a path to another world.

As we look in the hole, there is another world, and there is another hole in that another world. These sort of circulation of the hole shape the infinite universe which won’t be able to be measured in terms of the size and location of the world.

The evolutionary process that one living things becomes to various kinds of living things are presented as the planet makes appearance, and the changing scenery of planet according to the evolutionary process is presented as well.

In a large degree the phase consists of 4 steps: the creation, the connection, the explosion, and the changes. As the planet appears the hole is connected toward another planet through chaotic process. It seems like a simple cycle, but the changes in this repeated cycle bring a new and another story of world.

Music: Marlow - Kaffee Türkisch (feat. Thomas Prestin) / www.marlow.de


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