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Isaac Delusion - The Sinner (Official Music Video)

@ June 03, 2017

Isaac Delusion surprise us with a powerful and hyper aesthetic clip.

For the song The Sinner, taken from the album Rust & Gold (available on Amazon/Google Play/iTunes), the band migrates in Ukraine with the film-maker Sacha Barbin, looking for bluish cold landscapes, immersed into a permanent winter.

In a pure atmosphere, marked by some spot of gold and rust, we are plunged into a violent and mystical orthodoxe ritual. It is a baptisme in a frozen lake, almost -20°, inspired by a real existing tradition.

A brutal and awesome vision that will not goes out of your mind.


Directed by: Sacha Barbin in Ukraine.
Production Company: Julie Mathieu - Phantasm, Paris.
Producer: Nikita Bukowski - Family, Kiev.
Production Director: Tania Kurmaz
DOP: Mathieu Plainfossé
Post-Production: Firm


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