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Sacrés Français! Crazy French Expressions Animated

@ June 03, 2017

2Factory presents a selection of 8 animated very bizarre expressions. We will not make a whole cheese, we prefer to send steak!


Art Direction: Clémence Thune, Julie Perfezou, Mathilde Valero, Charles Monnier, Hasim Akbaba, Pierre Grillère, Romain Lapie
Animation: Julie Perfezou, Marion De Chezelles, Carole Ballas, Benjamin Trancart, Florian Cohen, Joffrey Escudier, Hasim Akbaba, Pierre Grillere, Jonathan Legros
Sound: Obny
Artwork: Julie Perfezou, Marion De Chezelles, Marion Favier
Production: 2FACTORY / Emmanuel Foissotte

(by: 2FACTORY)

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